Curriculum Audits

If you created your own course or programming curriculum without a learning expert, it's time to examine its blind spots.

These audits will stop you from wondering what your course or curriculum problems "might" be. You'll walk away knowing exactly what the gaps are and how to fix them, so you're quickly moving on to a more impactful course. 

Have you ever heard the expression, “You don’t know, what you don’t know.” That can be really frustrating especially when you have a big mission like all nonprofit organizations or you’re a consultant who serves nonprofits. 

Being stuck and not being able to see how to fix learning challenges in your course or whole curriculum shouldn’t overwhelm you. That’s why we created these two audit packages to shine a light on trouble areas, so you can get back to doing what you do best – impacting your communities. 

Anyone can show you what’s wrong with your learning content. But don’t you want to stop making the same mistakes?

That’s how these audits are different! A core value of DG Consultancy is to always explain, “Why?” and “How?” to our clients. We like to teach you how to teach.

This is what Meena Das, Founder of NamasteData, had to say after we audited her workshop.

I 100% get it. 

You might be scrambling around looking for answers to questions like:

  • Why does a color analysis even matter?
  • How do I engage my learners effectively?
  • How do I build content that makes sense?
  • Why do adult learners not finish their online courses?

You put all this time into developing a course or a whole programming curriculum. 

But you’re just not hitting your learning outcomes in the way that you want. 

You want to create learning content that matters! It can be hard to see what your content needs because you’re too close to it. 

It’s time to eliminate those blind spots and get support. 

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Tim Lockie, Founder of The Human Stack, came to us feeling unsure, frustrated, and like he was sitting in the dark with his course. 

Then, we got to work.  

So, how do you know if an audit is right for you?

  • After you deliver a course or workshop, do you end up changing more than 10% of the content?
  • Is your curriculum put together from 'here and there' presentations?
  • You aren’t sure how to level up your delivery, content, or even where to start revising.
  • You can’t remember the last time you sat down and thoroughly reviewed your content. (You want to do some kind of audit, or deeper check, at least once a year.) 
  • You’re getting low engagement and results - “They just don’t get IT.”

If any of these sound like you, it’s time to book an audit!

Compare packages to find the perfect fit for you


Full Picture

How much content do you share?

25% of content*

(Example: 60 slides x 0.25 = 15 slides)
*Max content slides: 35

100% of content*

(*Max 5 modules for a course and up to 35 slides from each module)

Coaching session

90-minute session (recorded)

90-minute results session (recorded) and 2 implementation support sessions

What do we review?

Adult learning framework:
Does your content actually teach adults or young adults?

Content order:
Does it flow?

How can you tell your learners are understanding?

DEI Elements:
How are you representing people?

User experience:
Where are areas that can trip up your learners?

Accessibility basics:
How mindful is your course of learning disabilities?

Turnaround time

~3 Weeks

~5-6 weeks




 What does this process look like?

  1. We’ll meet for a 30-minute discovery call.
  2. After we confirm the right package for you, you’ll get a short pre-work form.
  3. We also set a follow-up coaching date & time.
  4. You’ll send over the content – or share access via a shared drive 
  5. And, then I get to work!
  6. One week before your coaching session, you get your audit to review.
  7. We go over your biggest trouble areas AND how to fix them during our coaching session. 
  8. You gain clarity on your learners' needs and, trust me, you’ll be breathing a sigh of relief!

What if you want additional support?

No worries! 

You can combine your audit with a curriculum revision service where we have Done for You and Done with You options. 

Or you can add implementation support where you get more 1:1 time with Danielle at a special rate.

"The new (curriculum) enhancements are engaging, relevant, thoughtful and rich with a lot of examples and hands-on activities. "

Alan Lightman, Harpswell Foundation founder

"Danielle created a survey to be taken by school principals and their administrative staff about how the grants department could better serve them. Using the information she gathered, Danielle created a user-friendly manual completely from scratch. Because of Danielle’s patience and hard work, the manual was published and distributed to every Title I campus in the (school) district. "

Emma Richardson Trevino, Former Project Development Specialist for Ft. Worth Independent School District

"Danielle Gines is one of those people whose enthusiasm for the work we were all doing and the compassion with which she carried out that work, will always make her stand out in my memory."

Samantha Dullisear, Director of Izizw e Projects

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