Curriculum Development

This service is perfect for non-profits and non-governmental organizations looking to invest in a new curriculum. Services include walking through a needs analysis, pinpointing key stakeholders, and what to expect during the development process.  

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"The new (curriculum) enhancements are engaging, relevant, thoughtful and rich with a lot of examples and hands-on activities. "

Alan Lightman, Harpswell Foundation founder

"Danielle created a survey to be taken by school principals and their administrative staff about how the grants department could better serve them. Using the information she gathered, Danielle created a user-friendly manual completely from scratch. Because of Danielle’s patience and hard work, the manual was published and distributed to every Title I campus in the (school) district. "

Emma Richardson Trevino, Former Project Development Specialist for Ft. Worth Independent School District

"Danielle Gines is one of those people whose enthusiasm for the work we were all doing and the compassion with which she carried out that work, will always make her stand out in my memory."

Samantha Dullisear, Director of Izizw e Projects

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A lot of my clients feel challenged when it comes to create timely, on-scope, and on-budget much needed curriculum projects.

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