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Are you a nonprofit leader that wants the support of a curriculum specialist but right now you need something a bit more budget friendly?

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Our goal is to empower you, guide you, and motivate you to believe that curriculum design is not an intimidating process. 

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Who has the time to search high and low for How to Do curriculum videos and templates?

You're a nonprofit leader or a consultant who serves nonprofits.  You're busy!

But being busy doesn't mean you want to skimp on quality. Because skimping on quality means risking the level of learning impact. 

That's where The Learning Corner Template Shop comes in. 

We've crafted the ultimate digital learning and curriculum templates that are as unique as YOU! Our templates are your ticket to creating engaging and effective lessons whether you're starting from scratch or leveling up what you have. 

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  1. Ease: Our templates are designed for simplicity and user-friendliness. No tech headaches – just seamless learning creation!
  2. Custom Creativity: Tailor your lessons with our customizable templates. Your content, your style – it's all about YOU!
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And I promise a Satisfaction Guaranteed, if you're not able to create an impactful learning experience using these templates, I'm more than happy to give you a refund!

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"The new (curriculum) enhancements are engaging, relevant, thoughtful and rich with a lot of examples and hands-on activities. "

Alan Lightman, Harpswell Foundation founder

"Danielle created a survey to be taken by school principals and their administrative staff about how the grants department could better serve them. Using the information she gathered, Danielle created a user-friendly manual completely from scratch. Because of Danielle’s patience and hard work, the manual was published and distributed to every Title I campus in the (school) district. "

Emma Richardson Trevino, Former Project Development Specialist for Ft. Worth Independent School District

"Danielle Gines is one of those people whose enthusiasm for the work we were all doing and the compassion with which she carried out that work, will always make her stand out in my memory."

Samantha Dullisear, Director of Izizw e Projects

About DG Consultancy

I have worked on a range of learning management systems from Blackboard to Google Classroom. I love exploring new ways to make content *pop.* Curriculum does not have to be words on a slide. My goals are always to make learning purposeful and fun.