End of Summer Learning & Development Bundle

Nonprofit leaders: we’re filling your learning and development toolkit! 

Sure, at some point, investment is necessary for best results.

But with limited time, limited funds, and many pressing priorities, who has the bandwidth to research the right resources for your team?

When it comes to investing in learning and development, there are just so many questions:

  • What do we focus on right now?
  • Where do we look for the right resources that will resonate?
  • Who should we consult with to help us implement?

It’s easy to get overwhelmed. It’s easy to let the day-to-day work soak up all the time you might spend looking into organizational learning and improvement. Especially when you don’t know where to start.

We get it.

So we’re taking the guesswork out of nonprofit learning and development. Over the summer, a crew of talented consultants spanning several focus areas teamed up to make your life a little easier. We designed a package with you–

…Your growth…

…Your team…

…Your mission…

…in mind.

Goodbye, overwhelm! 

Get ready to feel equipped, and empowered to make an informed decision when it comes to pursuing new learning and development work.

We’ve put together a robust bundle of tools that will help you:

  • Assess your approach to team dynamics and problem-solving
  • Identify your stakeholders and ask the right questions
  • Find your like minded learning community
  • Deliver engaging and impactful learning experiences
  • Create inclusive learning programming
  • …and so much more!

No pressure. No fine print. No strings.

Just as you do what you do to make the world a little better, we do what we do to make that work easier, more effective, and more impactful.

So, are you ready?

To browse and request specific items, look below: 

Your host for this End of Summer Bundle, Danielle Gines, has seen nonprofit leaders jump right into the creation stage for courses and programming curriculum. Only to see not so great results. 

Her freebie is going to save you time AND energy! She is offering a three page checklist on how to identify your key stakeholders – let’s not leave anyone out – and what six factors you should consider when working through a needs analysis. You also get a complete set of questions you can ask yourself, your stakeholders, and additional decision makers, so you can focus on the important parts: Developing for impact. 

Nancy believes in revolutionizing the role that learning plays in the nonprofit sector. 

Her offering is her Nonprofit Learning Playbook. This is a great workbook to have on hand if you are a nonprofit leader who plans to design or deliver learning programs, classes, and/or trainings.  

The Playbook covers Learning Strategy, Curriculum Design, and Workshop Delivery.

Heather believes in community and if that’s what you’ve been searching for – then she has tons of tools (and the right place) for you!

Have you ever wanted someone to bounce ideas off of and learn from, someone who really understands you and your work? Imagine if you could have a simple way to meet people in the field, ask questions, and share information.

That's where the Nonprofit L&D Collective comes in. It's a free community where nonprofit L&D, talent management, and DEI leaders can connect with each other quickly and easily in a virtual space.

When you join this community, you walk away with a new, diverse, and powerful network - and a sounding board for your training and leadership development efforts. 

Hayley knows that building a culture of learning takes time and a ready to go mindset. 

Even the best-designed learning and development opportunities require motivation and a willingness to engage. As non-profit professionals, it can be challenging to balance operations/mission-related work with inside-the-organization work, especially if you're a small team. How do we create space for learning?

How do we determine the barriers to taking in new information that could help us with both the mission and the organization? As a Systems Thinking practitioner, she helps educators and organizations develop the capacity to systematically answer these questions--and so many more-- by equipping them with tools and habits that apply to any context. 

Her freebie is an incredible (and quick!) hypothetical narrative on what that may look like when it comes to making space for new learning in a non-profit organization.

Love 2 or more of these tools?

To have the whole bundle delivered directly to your inbox, click here.

Not sure what you’ll need? Don’t let that stop you.

Like we said, no fine print! While the bundle won’t be live forever, these resources don’t expire!

That means you don’t need to wait until you know. In fact, there’s sure to be a tool in here that will spark your curiosity, speak to a priority, or inspire needed direction that you haven’t thought of yet.

And once you have the bundle, you’ll always have it to refer back to. A new avenue to explore, a different part of the process already partially illuminated for you, and an expert on the subject standing by to support your further learning.

Consider this your evergreen L&D cheat sheet–a file of insights ready to help you get–and keep– your learning and development momentum flowing.

Grab your bundle today, and open up a world of possibilities you didn’t have to dig for. 

  • Free resources for insight, inspiration, and specific guidance
  • A better idea of what’s available to meet your needs
  • Targeted tips on a wide range of relevant topics that will level up your team learning and operations
  • A curated list of experts who are ready to answer your questions with no sales-y pitches or pressure
  • No commitments, no budget line item required.

We can’t wait to see the magic you’ll make when you put your new tools to use!